When using your mobility scooter always follow the same road rules that apply to pedestrians. Ride on the footpath, preferably at walking speed, which is 2–3 kilometres per hour. You should also cross the road at safe places, such as traffic lights with pedestrian signals and at pedestrian crossings.

Users should take care when riding a mobility scooter and observe the following safety guidelines:


  • Stay within the legal speed limit of 10 km/h.
  • Be aware that taking medication or driving under the influence of alcohol may affect the user’s judgement.
  • If you are carrying parcels, ensure that the load will not over-balance your motorised mobility device and that the parcels do not interfere with your controls or vision.

Protective gear

  • Always make sure that you are clearly visible, particularly at night or on dull days—use the lights and reflectors and install a reflective safety flag at a height detectable to motorists.
  • Wear a bicycle helmet whenever possible.

Pedestrians and footpaths

  • Slow down when you are near other people, especially pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Avoid stopping or driving on inclines greater than your scooter’s capabilities.
  • Use footpaths if possible. If there are no footpaths, plan to use quieter roads.
  • Plan your trip and avoid uneven surfaces, dips and potholes.

Please download more information form the Queensland government here. (link to PDF file), more information can be found here